Flagpole Rentals

Lift it to a higher level …
… up to a height of 11 meters with media
guaranteed to have you noticed
in spots, blogs and photo reports.
A waving flag is never overlooked, attracting
all eyes and the lenses of photography
and TV cameras. Hire flagpoles along
with professional servicing for your event.

Why buy Swedish flagpoles with a 10-year guarantee
when you’re only going to need them for a couple of days?

Rent full-size flagpoles is possible from now



– international sporting events
– corporate events
– open air concerts
– car racing circuits
– cultural events “under the stars”
– winter/summer sports games
– stadium sports and cultural events


– high visual and marketing effect
– hiring flags is only a fraction of the cost of buying them
– installation virtually while you wait
– advertising that cannot be overlooked
– PFO object (Press Focused On)
– problem-free installation

The special techniques for handling
poles let them be mounted on bases
even in areas trucks cannot reach
or where heavy-lift equipment
is prohibited
(sidewalks, paved areas, grass, etc.)

Flagpoles can also be permanently embedded
in a concrete within a day, as opposed to 2-3 weeks
in classic concrete casting.


recommended flag dimensions:
flagpole weight:

flagpole type:
flagpole accessories:
flagpole display:
flagpole color:
flagpole top:
flagpole anchorage:


6,7 m 8,7m 10,7 m
100 x 300 cm 100 x 300 cm 120 x 450 cm
14 kg 17 kg 28 kg

Flexible conical fiberglass, original flagpole with certificate
Swivel flag clamping arm
Only when the mast is tilted (to prevent vandalism)
White, glossy, dust-resistant surface (so no dirt settles)
White dome or golden onion top
Adjustable and folding with white plastic cover
Gray-white reinforced concrete